Ship-Talking Podcast

[Ship-Talking Podcast] Episode 10: James Swallow and Jack Curtis

January 15, 2021

This week's episode features James Swallow, author of many official Trek books set in the Titan-, TNG-, Discovery-eras & more; and Jack Curtis, ship-centric fan storyteller who runs the popular @Songs_of_Kahless Instagram page. The chat includes a discussion about ships as characters, narrating ship battles, ships from books becoming "on-screen canon", and ensuring ships are still awe-inspiring in a written medium. An expanded chat with James and Jack is exclusively available to our patrons at or above the Constitution-class tier on Patreon. We also discuss your answers to this week's Community Q, share a new question, and review the rescue mission that sent you all to the Delta Quadrant in this week's All Hands on Deck Drill. Hailing frequencies are always open at or email

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