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[Ship-Talking Podcast] Episode 11: Bill Krause

January 22, 2021

The incredibly talented Bill Krause joins us on this week's episode. Not only is he a ship artist who physically models all of his designs, but he is also the founder of Tycho Starship Yards. He joins the gents in Ten Forward to chat about bringing original designs to life, model design and build process, how ship interiors lead to designing the exterior hull, and founding a shipyard to inspire fleet design. An expanded chat with Bill is exclusively available to our patrons at or above the Constitution-class tier on Patreon. Your answers to this week's Community Q are also discussed, a new one is announced, and this week's All Hands on Deck Drill sees the community visiting the shipyards to retrofit Federation ships with enhanced technology. Hailing frequencies are always open at or email

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