Ship-Talking Podcast

[Ship-Talking Podcast] Episode 15: Tim Davies

February 19, 2021

Tim Davies, also known around the Trek universe as Suricata, is an artist and ship schematic designer. He joins the Pod this week to chat about creating ships' Master Systems Displays (MSD), LCARS & Okudagrams, and ship interiors & filling in their gaps in schematics. He also shares the work he did around researching the plausibility of the cavernous turbolift system we saw in season three of DSC. An expanded chat with Tim is exclusively available to our patrons at or above the Constitution-class tier on Patreon. Also, your answers to the latest Community Q are discussed, a new question is given, and this week's All Hands on Deck Drill sees the community become Emperor of the Terran Empire for a day. Hailing frequencies are always open at or email

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