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[Ship-Talking Podcast] Episode 27: Rob Bonchune (Part 2)

September 24, 2021

The rest of Rob Bonchune's chat takes place in this episode, alongside the return of Ship-Talking Pod founder Robbie! As a reminder: Rob is an Emmy-award winning Trek VFX legend who is most known for his CGI/VFX ship work on DS9, Voyager & Enterprise. During this half of the chat, we talk about this work as well as the amazing ship art renders he's still making today. Part 2 of the expanded chat with Rob is exclusively available to our patrons at or above the Constitution-class tier on Patreon. We also discuss your answers that were submitted for the latest Community Q, give you a new one, and this episode's All Hands on Deck Drill sees the community take command of Section 31 for a day. Lastly, this episode's post-credits easter egg is not one to be missed... an instant Trek classic has been born. Hailing frequencies are always open at or email

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