Ship-Talking Podcast

[Ship-Talking Podcast] Episode 3: Doug Drexler and Nick Duguid

November 6, 2020

Trek-franchise legend Doug Drexler and Star Trek Online's Senior Environment Artist Nick Duguid join Brandon and Robbie in Quark's for a bit of sh*p talking. Discussions include the origin of the NX-01, the Enterprise-J, DS9's Promenade, and the potential impetus behind why Jem'Hadar ships don't have seats. An expanded chat with Doug and Nick is exclusively available to our patrons at or above the Constitution-class tier on Patreon. Also, your answers to this week's Community Q are discussed, a new question is shared, and this week's All Hands on Deck Drill sees the community take command of the Borg Collective's fleet of ships. Hailing frequencies are always open at or email

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