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[Ship-Talking Podcast] We’re Coming Back!

June 11, 2021

Hello Ship-Talking Friends! As you probably heard on our most recent main Pod episode, we were going on a short break to Risa... well, that ended up becoming quite an extended hiatus as the entire team took a step back to focus on IRL. We're excited to say we're about ready to return to your ears, and you'll soon start hearing from us weekly again - but, more likely once a week rather than the 2-3 times a week we were working towards. As the planet starts to emerge from the Year of Hell, Part II and more of it starts opening up, we're going to be ensuring there is a work-life-pod balance for the entire team. Tune in to this week's short episode to listen to James, George, and Brandon chat about what this strange new world looks like in the Ship-Talking Universe. Don't forget... hailing frequencies are always open at or email LLAP!

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