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[Ship-Talking x Hero Collector] Ships of the Trek Universe #10 (2399 Romulan Warbird)

December 17, 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of the collaboration podcast between Ship-Talking and Hero Collector! For this episode, which was recorded live at Destination Star Trek 2021 in London last month, Brandon is joined once again by Hero Collector's Ben Robinson and John Ainsworth. While on stage, the gents discussed the 2399 Romulan Warbird, including design insights and more. Ship models discussed in this Pod series can be purchased here. Ship-Talking Pod is also on Patreon. In return for your support, which makes everything we do possible, we provide special benefits including expanded episodes of our main Pod, the ability to chat in Discord with some of the guests that join us, special patron-only giveaways, and much more. Head to for details. Hailing frequencies are always open at or email

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